I enjoy flying. I like spending time in airports, going through security, watching the people wait and wonder about where they're headed. I even have a sort of masochistic love for planes despite most of them having cramped seats.


I get bored easily unless something really piques my interest, I might even have a short attention span, I ramble. I try, I do my best to keep interested in things, in people, but at times I just have to fake it. I guess I should make all my friends read The Nerd Handbook to understand that me being distant at times doesn't mean I don't care, it just means that I need a break from, well, them :)

I guess that I'm always searching for something, not really something new, as I find myself revisiting people, places, thoughts more often than I should, but something to keep me going, to keep me out of my own head.

Can you give yourself Stockholm Syndrome? Because that's how I feel when spending too much time in the same mood.

I guess I'm just stuck in transit.

- fuzzmz