Oh hi there
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Oh hi there

Hello there, long time no see.

If you've come here thanks to the old faithful QWERTY - fast keystrokes blog please note that it is now in archival mode and at the moment the sources can be found on GitHub. I'm doing my best to move it to its own domain so the history will be easier to access, but this here will be a fresh start.

As you can see, I'm trying to keep things as simple as possible, so I've went ahead and moved to Ghost, a new and kinky blogging platform which is currently under development. It has the main advantage of Pelican (namely its Markdown support) but also offers a really nice editor with live preview.

Now, if I was to be completely honest, the main reason for moving away from Pelican is that I didn't back up my configs and am too lazy to restore them, so I'll give up the awesomesauce that is GitHub pages hosting in favour of keeping things in-house.

Speaking of in-house, as you can see down bellow, the comments are powered by Google+; I am fully aware of the fact that this might reduce the number of comments I get, but seeing that I'm using my real name to ramble here I'd appreciate it if the people I'm chatting with do the same.

So in closing, welcome, beware of the cookie monster and remember to grab a mug of coffee as I'll do my best to keep you entertained.