Google Photos Shared Albums annoyances
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Google Photos Shared Albums annoyances

Google recently launched an update to its Photos service which allows users to give collaborative access to albums to other people. This way your family and friends can all come together and upload photos to the same album to preserve them for posterity (or however long Google decides to run the service - RIP Google Reader).

This feature is a nice starting point for Google Photos going social, but it needs a bit more feature for it to be truly awesome (see what you did, I'm almost agreeing with The Verge here!).

After playing with the new feature for a bit I've found the following:

  • Controls appear to be all-or-nothing. I can control whether an album allows people to add or not, but no way to give people different links with different controls to the same album
  • There's no way to remove a person from a shared album
  • A contributor can add/remove their own photos, but cannot remove other people's
  • The owner can remove other people's photos that were added to the album
  • If a contributor joins an album, adds photos, then leaves the album, all of their photos are removed with them
  • The owner (and presumably anyone else) has the option to add any of the photos from a shared album to their library
  • Each picture gets labeled with the person who added its name
  • There's no notification that someone left an album
  • If you turn "collaborate" off on a previously shared album, it removes all other people that have joined & their photos

I was hoping that turning collaborate off might "freeze" the album in its current state, and still allow people to get notifications if I added photos, but it looks like this is not the case.

One other feature that I'd personally really like to see would be the ability to tap someone's picture (which is present in the list of who's in the album at the top) and see all the photos they added.