A short on switchable graphics

With the increase in the number of people using only laptops for their computing needs came new technologies used to provide both power and battery life. Switchable graphics - moving from an integrated GPU to a dedicated one, is one such technologies. But how do they work?

From AccuRev to git

Version control systems are really important tools in the day to day life of a software developer. What happens though when you have to move both code and people off of one system to another? Let's just say that you'll need time, patience and the desire to write your own tools...

Burn it all

It is a known fact that some of the hardware we sell gets either a bit too hot, or a bit too loud, but I never until now thought that we're throwing out money in the (cooler) wind...

Green URL bar

The blog is now green! Well, better said, parts of the URL bar are now green because this is being served to you by way of a magical HTTPS connection.